We empower you to change the world. inspire your community. take action on global challenges. stop climate change. tackle the refugee crisis. empower women everywhere. provide equal education for all. be a leader in your community. have your voice heard.


We equip, empower, and inspire you to take action on the issues facing our world.

We help you identify problems in your communities, then equip you with the tools to develop solutions. Then you can begin making the change that you want to see in the world.


Whatever your strengths...

Whether you're a do-er, a dreamer, an ideator, a developer, a people-pleaser, a disruptor, a leader, or a follower.

Whatever your causes...

Whether you're dedicated to tackling climate change, providing clean water, or protecting the infrastructure of our cities.

Whatever your passions...

Whether you're passionate about entrepreneurship, joining a team, or finding where you can best make a difference in the world.


We believe in the infinite power of young people.

We agree that not everyone has access to the tools to make the world a better place. 

That's why we're dedicated to making social change a movement that is accessible for everyone.


Step 1: Join our community of worldchangers


Join our platform of worldchangers and tell us about the issues you care about. Connect with like-hearted and purpose-driven individuals from all backgrounds.

Step 2: Develop solutions to global challenges


UNITE 2030 is our signature programme, which helps you develop solutions alongside an international team of worldchangers. You'll be shocked what you can accomplish in just two days. 

Step 3: Turn your worldchanging idea into action


Now that you have your worldchanging idea, it's time to start taking action. See your idea come to life as you make moves to be the change you actually want to see in the world. 


Let's change the world...together.


Join our community of worldchangers to begin

taking action on the issues facing our world.