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Join our global community of worldchangers. With over 1,500 young people working together to change the world, imagine the impact we can make if we all work together. 

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Participate in UNITE 2030

The answer to the question of - "how do I begin to solve global challenges?", UNITE 2030 is a global, virtual, 48-hour hackathon that tackles global challenges. Work virtually on an international team for two days, developing solutions to the world's most critical challenges. UNITE 2030 is a transformative experience, allowing you to see your human potential and to transcend all boundaries to discover what it truly means to make an impact. Leave feeling like you've truly built something, and take your idea and your new-found worldchanging savvy to your community.


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The Youth Delegate Programme, is a global, virtual incubator for new solutions to global challenges. Ideas don't change the world. Action changes the world. Don't sit around and let your ideas rest. It's time to turn them into real life, global change. 


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The IDHouse is a youth-led business, powered entirely by volunteers like you who are dedicated to our mission of bringing youth to the forefront of sustainable global change. We're always looking for new volunteers to join our team. How can you bring your talents to the table?