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Teaming Up to Transform the World

As much as we'd like to think that one person alone has the ability to change the world, the reality is that we need others on our side to help us accomplish our mission. Whether they're our friends, family, like-minded worldchangers, organisational partners, stakeholders, donors, NGOs, corporations, or governments, it's absolutely essential to find the right "team members" to take on board with you.

How do we find like-minded people who are willing to come on board with our mission? And more importantly, once we find those like-minded people, how do we lead with impact so that we can keep them on board?

In this Webinar, hosted by Mark Chassman, we'll tackle these big questions that address WHY we need teams to accomplish our goal to make the world a better place.


Mark Chassman is the Founder of Emerging Leaders Initiative. Mark spent more than 25 years as a sales and business development executive with some of America’s most recognizable entertainment and media brands; ABC-TV, AOL and Facebook, where he was employee 43. Frustrated with antiquated approaches used to grow him as a leader, Mark decided to convert his discontent into becoming a catalyst for change in the way people are equipped to become influencers in their lives and in the world. He founded The Social Leadership Academy, which has transformed into Emerging Leaders Initiative, where he inspires leaders from around the globe to follow their passion and accomplish their goals.