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Youth Empowerment and Development in Rural India

As a young individual, taking the plunge into starting a not-for-profit foundation may often seem to be a daunting task. Yet, the time is ripe for young leaders to take the initiative, and set the framework for the changes we wish to see in our communities.

In this webinar, Anurag discusses why it is important for young changemakers to to take a hands-on, ground-up approach to building their initiatives and movements. Through the lens of his experience building YUVA Development Foundation, Anurag shares the challenges of working in remote, tribal communities as well as the value in bringing all relevant stakeholders on board. In addition, he shares the YUVA method--a four step process to deliver impact.


About the Host 

Anurag Ram Chandran is a co-founder at YUVA Development Foundation, an initiative that emphasizes rural development in India by focusing on youth empowerment, education and sustainability. Through his foundation, Anurag hopes to play a part in bridging the urban-rural divide in India by bringing urban resources and opportunities to rural communities. He was a 2017 Schwarzman Scholar, and has worked in policy roles in both the United States and China. When not working, Anurag can be found dancing to his favorite Bollywood or Michael Jackson hits. Anurag is 23 years old, and hails from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.