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Together we are stronger. are better. are empowered. can make a change. Together, we are worldchangers.


Our Story

The IDHouse was founded in 2016 when Alyssa Chassman realized that there were so many young people who wanted to make an impact in the world, but not enough young people knew how.

After talking to young people from across the world, she realized that she needed to do something to empower the young people of the world to stop talking and do more walking.

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Only after we released applications for our first program, did we truly realize the magnitude of the problem. Young people today are underequipped, uninspired, and unempowered to change the world. The majority of young people are looking for real world, practical solutions that allow them to take action rather than just talk about the global issues facing our world. 


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What We Do

Rather than talk about what we can do to stop global challenges, we focus on actual action. 

We provide a both a community and programs for young people who are passionate about making change in the world. 

Our signature program, UNITE 2030, is a 48-hour global, virtual hackathon for the SDGs. Worldchangers work together for 48 hours to develop solutions to global challenges, based on frameworks and toolkits that we provide. You'll be shocked at what you can accomplish in just 48 hours.

Our secondary program, IGNITE 2030, formerly the Youth Delegate Program, is a structured, 10-week program that takes new ideas and solutions of how to change the world, and turns them into action.

To learn more about our programs and how to become a worldchanger. Click below.

We believe in the power of inclusivity, and we don't believe that the International Development sector as a whole is inclusive of all people who want to make a change. We work to eliminate all barriers from making change happen.

Everyone who wants to make change should be able to, and we work hard to ensure that it's possible for all.

What Makes Us Unique